School Programs
Ocean Outreach establishes partnerships and mentorship programs with schools to offer the next generation access to mentors, hands on experience with underwater technology and practical field opportunities. Ocean Outreach believes strongly in environmental ethics and stewardship and that passions need to be cultivated at all levels of education. We connect students with tactile programs that engage, inspire and motivate their performance through STREAM (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Art and Mathematics). 
Ocean Outreach Project Partnerships
Support the ongoing mission to search for and document the the Lost52 WWII US Submarines .
Our projects are varied and broad in spectrum. We believe that to effectively reach and teach about conservation we have to speak different languages that will resonate with different groups. The way to lead is by example and the way to convey an idea is with passion and knowledge.

Ocean Outreach is currently working with the lost 52 Project to show that in addition to marine life there are sacred sites in our oceans. These are submerged throughout the world and hold precious history and lives lost. These sites are also in danger of being disturbed and destroyed and this is of concern to the immediate area and the surrounding waters and eco systems.

We coordinate efforts to work in schools, maritime museums and institutes as well as reaching the offices of our Captains of Industry who can help implement new laws on how corporations work in our oceans.